Stupid questions your mum will ask about diabetes

Dear Coleen Nolan, diabetes is not my fault

Having to take insulin injections is not the worst thing about having diabetes. Having to prick your fingers before you can eat or exercise is probably worse than needing to inject a synthetic hormone into your body, but it’s not the worst thing about having diabetes. Working full time (and it is full-time) to keep blood… 

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Wedding dance

I can’t dance (Red Nose Day Danceathon with Team Honk)

As a child, I took dancing lessons. Latin, mostly, and I excelled at the Samba in particular. Let’s start that again, shall we? What I actually mean is that me and my block-heeled silver sandals made it through a few certificates before I hung up my sequins in favour of a ra-ra skirt and drainpipe jeans…. 

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A Chocolate Orange for Christmas

Pretty things: a Chocolate Orange for Christmas…

My lovely friends Mary and Sonya have asked what my best Christmas present was. I was massively lucky this year, and I could list any one of the things gifted to me by friends and family. But I’ve chosen to take a slightly different spin on this theme (hope I don’t get smacked wrists!) and… 

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Crayfish starter #TasteofTravel

A Taste of Travel: my menu

  Restaurant in Honfleur, France What’s the best part of a holiday for you? Lounging by the pool with a cocktail? Swimming in a perfect sea, on champagne sand? The spectacular view at the top of a canyon, or the rush of adrenalin as you ski down snow-capped peaks? I’ve been lucky enough to experience… 

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What Santa said to the Tooth Fairy

What Santa said to the Tooth Fairy

I know we’re well into January now, and by rights I should be posting recipies involving brown rice, or decluttering tips. Heck, it’s even too late for New Year resolutions now! Which it just as well, because I didn’t make any… I’m terrifically tardy, but I’m going to bend your ear about Christmas, because really,… 

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London Gingerbread House

Merry Christmas from London

It’s lovely having a birthday at Christmas. I’ve always considered myself lucky that the whole world is set to party, twinkly lights and tinsel everywhere I look, all ready for me to throw myself into another year older. And so I work hard to get Christmas totally sorted in time for my day, so that… 

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"lyrics to Last Christmas"

A Christmas Wot so Funee?

Found hiding amongst a pile of papers at the bottom of a cupboard. GG was having a tidy up, an event that only happens once every couple of years. I swear one day she will no longer fit in her room, she’s such a hoarder. It had to be a Christmas Wot so Funee?

Twistrose Key

Best books for 10 year old girls

Books for 10 year old girls The Twistrose Key (by Tone Almhjell) Full of mystery, it slowly leads you up to the main event, until you’re so into it that you’re guessing what might happen next! (GG) Have you ever wondered where your pets go when they die? In your wildest imagination you couldn’t imagine… 

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Spa at Whittlebury Hall hotel and spa review

Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa Review

Christmas coffee, gingerbread muffins, and champagne! I am well and truly ready for Christmas. Last week I had finally stopped ignoring the fact that my cupboards were empty of potential giftware, with two expectant children and their eager faces goading me into entering the festive fray. I threw myself headlong into the frenzy of preparation,… 

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Do you believe in Santa?

Do you believe in Santa? I remember peering down at the bottom of my bed through the dark, at the bulky, mis-shapen pillowcase I’d laid out the night before. I have no idea what the time was, but it was cold, so it was too early for the heating to have switched itself on. There… 

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