social media addict

You know your partner is a social media addict when…

When I started blogging, my husband didn’t really know much about social media. He had an impressive LinkedIn profile, but didn’t really see the need for Twitter, and Facebook was just a place he went to virtually wave at old girlfriends occasionally. He is now a fully-fledged digital marketing expert, but in the beginning I was… 

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Kano on screen

My kids made a computer! Kano review

My children scare me. They are only ten and seven years old, and yet they baffle me on a daily basis. And I’m not just talking about their command of the French language, or their impressive grasp of binary arithmetic (who ever uses that beyond primary school anyway?)! No, these kids know how to code… 

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4 Reasons to Love Barbados

   The Sea: it is blue, not steely grey; it’s coolness is a delicious relief from the heat of the sun, not an exercise in endurance. The children are happy there, playing, laughing, bonding. The Rain: yes, even the rain in Barbados is lovely. Soft and warm, feeding the lush green of the island. A… 

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Genius backpack - the perfect alternative Easter gift

7 Easter Gifts for Kids without the sugar fix

Hold the chocolate! I swear I saw a Creme Egg on sale at our local garage on New Year’s Day. Although I love chocolate as much as the next person, I hate how there is so much of it in my face every time I walk through a shop door. It creates a desire that… 

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Always be a unicorn

Time for a change…

Honey? Knock, knock, knock… Do you wanna clean your bedroom? Or pick your clothes up from the floor? I wish you’d put your books away, I’m turning grey, becoming such a bore. You really should be sleeping. Please don’t paint your nails on your pillowcase! Do you wanna clean your bedroom? Please stop using so much… 

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Being a better mother

A letter to my children on being a better mother. Dear kids, I’ve been your mother for over ten years. I’ve been your mother in the sense that I became pregnant (eventually), gave birth (hastily), and navigated you (anxiously) through your early years. I’ve read, and cooked quite well; I’ve fixed grazes, temperatures, and broken buttons passably; I’ve tolerated… 

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The very special women who are the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards winners for 2015

Tesco Mum of the Year Awards 2015 – the big day

On Sunday, 1 March, 2015 I attended a very special event indeed. Appropriately dated to fall close to Mother’s Day, the Tesco Mum of the Year awards pays tribute to an exceptional group of mums; mums who have worked hard to support others, after much personal sacrifice of their own. I was lucky enough to… 

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The duchess necklace, inspired by Kate Middleton - a beautiful gift for Mother's Day

Giveaway: Kate Middleton’s necklace from Merci Maman

A beautiful necklace for mothers When the world started asking where Kate Middleton found the lovely necklace she was spotted wearing a year ago, Merci Maman were proud to realise that it was one of their own pieces, purchased by Pippa for her sister after the birth of Prince George. Sweet and simple in design,… 

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The Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter has clear and colourful graphics

Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter review

Type 1 diabetes is not a cheerful subject. It’s even less fun when you’re a child; and certainly no fun at all when you’re a 10 year old who has to prick her finger before she can eat. Nor is it nice waiting for the result of that finger-prick blood test. GG has been known… 

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5 tips for improving kids handwriting

6 Tips for improving kids handwriting

Four years ago I was a massively frustrated parent. My then 7-year-old daughter was learning to write, and was equally frustrated. So was her teacher. All three of us were struggling, but each with a different problem. I wanted her handwriting to be neater, more legible. Her Year 2 teacher thought she was capable of better… 

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