How terrible grammar on social media makes it difficult to learn English

Shoulda Woulda Could Of

  If you’re anything like me, the title of this post makes your blood boil. It doesn’t? Read on… As my children get older, I am increasingly concerned about social media. Ah! my family (and that teacher I met once) exclaim. At last, she’s seen the light! All that grooming and online bullying, not to… 

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Winning Best Schooldays blog at the MAD blog awards was an emotional moment

The MAD’s, and why Type 1 Diabetes is like a newborn baby

This time last year I was excited about an impending event. The MAD Blog Awards finalists had just been announced and I was on the list. I rubbed my hands at the thought of a great night out with some fabulous bloggers, and started planning my dress. I probably cracked open a bottle of something… 

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How to rock at the period talk with your pre-teen daughter

How to Rock the Period Talk

The Period Talk I’m pretty sure I had the period talk with my own mother. I imagine it would have involved phrases like a little bit of blood, no it doesn’t hurt, and, they’re in the airing cupboard. I think the next time anything ‘like that’ was mentioned, was when my father asked me to accompany him to the… 

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Being a better mother

A letter to my children on being a better mother. Dear kids, I’ve been your mother for over ten years. I’ve been your mother in the sense that I became pregnant (eventually), gave birth (hastily), and navigated you (anxiously) through your early years. I’ve read, and cooked quite well; I’ve fixed grazes, temperatures, and broken buttons passably; I’ve tolerated… 

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5 tips for improving kids handwriting

6 Tips for improving kids handwriting

Four years ago I was a massively frustrated parent. My then 7-year-old daughter was learning to write, and was equally frustrated. So was her teacher. All three of us were struggling, but each with a different problem. I wanted her handwriting to be neater, more legible. Her Year 2 teacher thought she was capable of better… 

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A Chocolate Orange for Christmas

Pretty things: a Chocolate Orange for Christmas…

A Chocolate Orange was my best gift this year, and here’s the story of why… A Chocolate Orange for Christmas. As far back as my memory allows (which, depending on the day, could be 41 years, or somewhere around 10 minutes), there was a Chocolate Orange in my stocking on Christmas day. Milk chocolate, because… 

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Crayfish starter #TasteofTravel

A Taste of Travel: my menu

  Restaurant in Honfleur, France What’s the best part of a holiday for you? Lounging by the pool with a cocktail? Swimming in a perfect sea, on champagne sand? The spectacular view at the top of a canyon, or the rush of adrenalin as you ski down snow-capped peaks? I’ve been lucky enough to experience… 

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Lynton and Lynmouth is an ideal base for exploring Exmoor

Great British Holidays: 5 reasons to visit Lynton and Lynmouth

The rumble of the cattle grid beneath the wheels announced our arrival on Exmoor, and immediately the landscape changed. Trees gave way to vast green plains, peppered with gorse and sprays of heather. Here and there a paint splash of pink as rhododendrons grow wild, making an easy home, tipping the hat of irony at… 

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Tips for dealing with mean girls

  My darling girl, the time has come for me to tell you about girls. Girls are complicated creatures – I know you’ve got that nailed, you are complicated yourself! Girls can be wonderful, loyal, warm, supportive, nurturing, caring, and funny. They can share everything with you and make you feel like the best person… 

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Bottom bunk

Home: Boys Room Makeover (part 1) GLTC Bunk Bed

A new bunk bed for the Bug. The Bug has been needing a room makeover for a while. When we moved to this house 6 years ago, the room he acquired was pink. He wasn’t quite 2, so it didn’t seem a big deal, and we put it on our to-do list. Six years later, we… 

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Railway Children

The Railway Children

A review of The Railway Children stage production, by GG… Recently we went to see the railway children in London. It includes a real steam train and it feels like you’re sitting on a platform. First you enter the theatre and it looks like a proper train station waiting room. We bought some malteasers to… 

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Union J are going to be at British Summer Live

Rain won’t Stop Play this British Summer Time

Omigodomigodomigod! Last summer we got a family ticket to British Summer Time. Just pause and think about those words for a short moment. British Summer Time; could any three words be more lovely? Well, when you think about the perfect British Summer day, as opposed to the unpredictable weather and rained-off barbeques of the typical… 

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These Brave Bones can achieve anything!

Brave Bones

I looked at my son and my heart melted. Well done you! the lady at the first checkpoint congratulated him. You just cycled 5 miles! I cringed and prayed that he hadn’t heard – I’d been telling him for the last ten minutes that he was already eight miles into his twenty mile charity cycle… 

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Kids football

Football Mum of the Year

I sit here merrily typing at my kitchen desk, courtesy of Actually Daddy. Saturday mornings are his territory; it’s my day for a lie-in, and for catching up with Facebook work. Saturday is when he takes the kids to football practice. I was perpelexed when my six-year-old daughter told me she wanted to join the… 

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Orla Kiely Stone backpack

Win a Orla Kiely bag worth £120

I am not known as a designer bag girl. I have friends whose cupboards are filled with thousands of pounds worth of beautiful bags; who transfer the contents of their handbags daily, so they can sport the perfect tote for their day, or their outfit. Personally, I’ve never seen the point, when there’s so much… 

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Around Barbados on an inflatable sofa!

Around Barbados on an inflatable sofa

“Hold. On. Tight!” I managed to gasp as all the air was pushed out of my lungs, and my cheeks did an impression of the worst face-lift in history. Torn between keeping my suddenly very small-looking child safe, and preventing my own ungainly demise into the ocean, I alternated between white-knuckling the grips, and resting… 

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