School shoes from online store Jakes Shoes

Selfish mums and free school shoes…

Have you ever been cheated by your Mum? As a parent have you ever felt guilty for putting yourself before your child? Meet my mother, who managed to turn a shopping expedition for school shoes into a trip which was ALL ABOUT HER! Both the Bug and I are in need of new school shoes…. 

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Silly expressions

#Expressions 17: Erm…

I don’t really know what to call this. Basically, I haven’t taken many photos this week, and I’ve been struggling to know what my Expressions post should be. Over breakfast this morning I confessed my dilemma, and this is what my family did. I suppose, if nothing else, it serves of proof that you don’t… 

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Scuplting confusion

My writing process blog tour – tips for creative copy

Sculpting confusion There is a thing going on with bloggers and writers at the moment. It’s called a blog tour and it works like this: Each blogger involved answers 4 questions about how and why they write They then pass the baton to another writer, who publishes answers to the same questions the following week,… 

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Go Ultra Low with a Renault Zoe electric car

The practicalities of driving an electric car

Over the last 5 weeks we’ve been road-testing an electric car. You know, those cars that you’ve seen on the news occasionally, read a bit about  and wondered, but always thought were a bit of a non-starter? Yeah, me too. But we agreed to take temporary ownership of a 100% electric Renault Zoë to really… 

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Charging an electric car in London

How to park for nothing on a London day trip

  Yesterday we had a day in London with the kids. We took the car, and we parked it totally free of charge, all over the capital, while we explored some sights, sounds and smells we’ve never discovered before with the kids. We were able to do this because we have an electric car. Read on… 

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Over the moon at winning the team laser game on his birthday

Expressions #16: Over the moon!

There was an incident on Wednesday. A 7 year old’s head came into contact with a rifle butt – not a phrase I ever thought I’d type.  Complaints that the girls had an unfair advantage, being older and bigger. Anguish at being shot when out of ammo. Angst at being on the team that was… 

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Camping is cosy at Somerset Yurts

The day they stayed off school: Somerset Yurts review

Last Monday I did something I’d never done before. Just as all the children were lining up for registration, I called the school: Erm, the kids won’t be in school today… No, no they’re not ill, it’s just that, erm, well, you see, we’ve been away for the weekend, and, well, we haven’t come home… 

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