August Babies are Stupid

A report out today claims that babies born in August are significantly more likely to fall behind their older classmates in both academic and physical success. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) compared children born at the end of the academic year (summer months) with those born in the months just prior to Christmas. It found that 7-year-olds performed below average if they were summer babies.

Now I am a winter-baby, and you have all seen how supreemly clever I am. My brother was born in the summer, and although I have to admit it, he’s way cleverer than lots of boys in his class. He knows exactly how many Moshi Monster figures he has and always notices if I kidnap one, so maybe he’s cannier than the scientists realise.

I’m not too happy about the other findings though. August babies are more likely to report unhappiness in school, and to have been bullied. I am not having the Bug bossed around by anyone except me. Mummy is nonchalant; she says that since the Bug started school he has metamorphosised from a quiet boy who could be picked on, to a confident child who will not take crap, but who doesn’t need to throw punches. He has been to the 5th birthday parties of boys who can’t speak as well as him, who are constantly timed-out by the teacher, and whose answer to conflict is to lash out.

I wonder how much validity this study has in individual cases. Is my August brother destined to a life of under-achievement? Or will he always be stupid in my eyes only, the curse of any younger brother? I leave you with one thought: apparently a 2005 study of Premiership footballers found that most top players were born in the winter months, proving that winter babies do better in life. But hang on a minute. Aren’t all footballers stupid? That’s what Mummy says…. ;)

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See you tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo 2011

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  1. says

    Where do they come up with this stuff?? I think they must just research things for the sake of it sometimes LOL My son is a summer baby and he is so bright it’s scary. His sister is a spring baby and she has no clue about anything, but then she is only 2!
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…Music as TherapyMy Profile

  2. says

    OMG!! I have a six yr old who was born at the end of August and he is ridiculously bright. He lacks emotional maturity compared with some of his classmates but three of them are practically a whole year older! This kind of research drives me crazy!!!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…This week baby I promise …My Profile

  3. says

    i think these boffins were bored that day so decided to write about this instead!! I don’t believe it to be true – your date of birth does not determine how bright you are!! nuff said!
    Mind you, I was born in June and I am a little einstein me!! ha ha yeah right with my baby brain
    btw – good luck with the NaBloPoMo x
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Sounding Like My MumMy Profile

  4. Kathleen says

    I saw that report and decided it’s a whole lot of you know what…all depends on the child, parenting and schooling – as always!!!!

  5. says

    Well my oldest son is an August baby, but as he was born in Australia that makes it just about Spring, so what does that do for this study? Plus he’s a Virgo so that HAS to has some bearing on his intelligence right? Also, I ate lots of fish when I was pregnant, so he must be pretty clever, because you know fish are in schools…
    Shelly at Tropical Mum recently posted…[Scared] Witless WednesdayMy Profile

  6. says

    I actually think this has more to do with them going to school with children who are almost a year older than they are. My babe’s born on the 19th August so would go to school with every body who’s born between September the year before and September the year she was born.

    At the ages of 0-7 that can mean massive differences in what children are able to do. Just think how much different they are from one month to the next when they’re still babies.

    I can see that they have to cut off somewhere in the year but as it happens I’d rather my babe was kept back for a year or a half and then join school so she’s effectually going to be amongst ‘equals’.

    Does that make sense? :s

    Nev recently posted…30 Days Hath November_Day 6My Profile

    • says

      That makes so much sense. Trouble is, how could they engineer it so it was fair to everyone? So difficult, and the Bug is loving school and learning so much despite being so much younger – he was definitely ready. I just worry that his self-perception won’t be great given that his performance is towards the bottom of the class. His sister has always had the opposite, and is well-aware of the fact that she is in the top group in her class – tricky
      Mummy… recently posted…Is Time Running Out?My Profile

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