You Get the Picture?

Mummy finally met Chatty Baby’s Mummy (Chatty Baby has a lovely Mummy, apparently), who has started a new meme. You Get the Picture is a chance to show off your artwork. I am so all over that one! So here is my first entry:

Diamonds at the Beach


What do you think? Shall I chop my ear off yet?

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  1. says

    Yes, GG – chop it off! Chop ’em both off – it’s great! Love the abstract idea of diamonds going swimming, and the plane is brilliant. Thanks so much for joining in x

  2. Little Rhino says

    Hi Gg,

    Love the picture – really cool. I once drew a giant bum on the stair wall. Mummy didn’t seem so pleased with that. Maybe you could give me and the Bug art lessons?

    Love little Rhino x x

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