Tips for surviving a long car journey

Today, Sainsbury’s have written me a guest post. I gave them a brief and insisted it had to be written by someone like me. I wonder who they got to do it?

When Mummy said we were gong on a long journey I thought I’d better go and tell Fuzzy, my bear because I knew he’d want to come. He gets very grumpy if he’s left at home. It makes him growl. Fuzzy is grey with sticky out ears and one of his arms fell off, but he was really brave and didn’t cry when Mummy sewed it back on.

‘Come and have a look at the map,’ said Mummy, so I went into the kitchen and saw the map spread out on the table. ‘We have to take this road,’ said Mummy, ‘and then when we get to here, we swap over onto this road – the red one, and then this, look, the yellow one.’

‘How long does it take to get there?’ I asked.

‘Oh, ever such a long time,’ said Mummy, ‘over four hours.’

Next we had to make the sandwiches and I made my own. Tuna fish, cheese and salad. Yummy.

It was raining when we got in the car. Mummy made sure that me and Fuzzy had our seat belts on and then she gave me a special bag and told me not to look inside right away because it was a ‘long journey bag’ with lots of surprises in it.

As soon as she started the engine I looked, but I didn’t tell her. I just showed the things to Fuzzy and then put them back before she noticed. There was a little tub of fruit, some sweets but not many, some juice, some colouring pencils, paper with some drawings on and a CD.

‘Can I look in my bag now?’ I asked.

Mummy said, ‘OK.’

I took all the things out and straight away Mummy said, ‘Don’t eat the sweets – they’re your bingo prize.’

In the bag there was a card with pictures of lots of things on it. There was a lorry, a red car, a blue car and a green car, a pine tree, a bridge and lots of other things. Mummy said I had to concentrate really hard and look for the things on the card. Every time I saw one, I could cross it out and when I had crossed out all the pictures, I could shout, ‘Bingo!’ And eat the sweets.

It took ages. I saw the red car almost straight away but it took me a long time to spot a car with a dog in it. But in the end I got them all. It was really good fun and sometimes Mummy helped by telling me when to look out of the window.

After bingo, we stopped and it wasn’t raining any more so we decided to have our picnic outside under some trees. I ate my sandwiches and then we stretched our legs.

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I asked. Mummy laughed. ‘About half way,’ she said, ‘but if you like we can listen to the CD that’s in your bag.’

The CD was a story all about a baby penguin who gets lost and ends up on a tropical island. He doesn’t like it because it’s too hot but luckily a nice man lets him sleep in his freezer and another nice man makes him fish flavoured ice cream and in the end a seal comes up and says she will show him the way home.

Then I fell asleep and when I woke up I had some fruit – juicy grapes and pieces of melon. My favourite. Then we had a game of ‘I spy’, and in no time we were there. Granny was ever so pleased to see us and gave me a big hug and a kiss. She smells of roses.

Preparing for a long journey in advance makes sure that your family will be comfortable. Making sure you have the right car insurance policy will also mean that you’re covered for every eventuality.

What do you think? A new friend for me?

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