Do Something Yummy is an initiative to raise awareness and support of childhood cancer charity CLIC Sargent. We are following the journey of Nickie at Typecast, who has given us writing prompts each week to inspire us to create posts that make people stop and think about the devastating effects of this disease on young people and their families. This week she gave us the option to draw what we see when we hear the word Survivor:

I knew immediately what to draw, and Mummy swears I have not seen the news in recent weeks, so this representation of the bizarre sinking of a ship in Italy recently is merely a coincidence:

"Survivor"See how the man overboard miraculously gtows hair and and acquires a life-jacket once he hits dry land? Impressive survival skills,eh?

The Bug went a little bit darker with his survivor:

"Dinosaur survivor"The poor little man on the right has been attacked by a very tall dinosaur. Luckily he had his laser-gun handy, which he used to emit supersonic rays which evaporated Monsieur dino’s head into a cloud of black smoke. His words, not mine…

Click on the badge to see what CLIC Sargent are doing during Yummy Mummy week, and how you can help to raise funds for this vital charity. If you think you could write your story of a survivor, check out Nickie’s story of cancer survival.

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