1. My Funny Mummy says

    Pink Bear: This is shit. First class he said. Me, you and Auntie Bessie up here while Captain Birdeye down there gets a space to himself. Look at him, sat there will that stupid smirk on his face. And they can turn that bloody air con down. Do you think this is okay? Where did he say we’re getting off? Crewe?
    I’m booking it next time.
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  2. says

    Hey hon. Not sure if I’m alone in this, but there’s a giant box that pops up on your site and blocks a lot of the content. I noticed it the other day, too…

    I took a screenshot so you can see what I mean:

    Anyway, I can’t see the left side of the photos so don’t know what’s going on! :(
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  3. Chloe Brewer says

    Despite Aunt Bessie providing Perfect for 2 pudding these animals were being punished, they were out in the cold (get it?!)


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