Extreme Close-Up

My Silent Sunday this week was an awesome shot (and I don’t normally like to big myself up, but it was awesome). I had lots of great responses about how amazing my iPhone was for getting such an incredible shot. And I had this comment from MyMumdom:

Oh bugger! How did that slip me by? Thinking cap on, Mummy took another look at that photo and remembered what she had actually been trying to capture when she accidentally got a great close-up of a bumblebee. We were noticing how many different varieties of daffodil there are on our walk to school, and she wanted to create a collage (see our next Silent Sunday). Not having quite enough for the effect she had in mind, we decided that a single blue grape hyacinth would set off the daffodils nicely.

With every photo she took we noticed the dew of a cold morning, yeilding to the warming sun, tiny droplets sparkling on each petal:

"dew on blue petals"And here is the original photo, in case you missed it on Sunday:

"bumblebee"I’m excited to see the other extreme close-up shots inspired by the theme at the Gallery on Sticky Fingers today….

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23 Responses to Extreme Close-Up

  1. Lplatemummy says:

    I loved your bumblebee Silent Sunday pic, and I love this one too. The dew is captured beautifully. x
    Lplatemummy recently posted..The Gallery – Extreme close-upMy Profile

  2. That is a very beautiful photograph. And I love how strange and abstract things can look in close up. I thought that picture was some sort of fruit to start with. X
    Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy recently posted..close upMy Profile

  3. Jacq says:

    Opps, me and my big mouth! I loved your bee :)
    Jacq recently posted..The Gallery: Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  4. Nikki Thomas says:

    That is an impressive shot! Will have to try and be more creative with my iPhone camera!

  5. sarah says:

    love that blue :)
    your sunday image was awesome too.
    sarah recently posted..#thegallery28thMy Profile

  6. Keith says:

    Love the original shot!
    Keith recently posted..The Gallery : Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  7. I always think bumblebees look really cuddly. I bet they’d mess you up if you tried to cuddle one though.

    Nice shooting, cowgirl. Love that intense blue :)
    motherventing recently posted..The Gallery – Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  8. Helpful Mum says:

    It is a fabulous picture. I thought it was a pile of blueberries at first!
    Helpful Mum recently posted..The Photo Gallery: Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  9. I abso-blooming-lutely love my iphone camera. I very rarely use anything else these days, perhaps since my ‘nice’ camera seems so bulky in comparison!

    What a fab picture, the colour is wonderful!

    Insomniac Mummy recently posted..The Gallery – Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  10. That’s why they’re called ‘Grape Hyacinths’! Not for eating though….!!
    Helen Spencer recently posted..Close Up On a Classic – The ‘Clackers’My Profile

  11. I love a multi-tasking photo!
    And that bumble bee looks close enough to stroke. Wonder if they are a cuddly as they look?
    fivegoblogging recently posted..Look CloserMy Profile

  12. Wow. Two awesome shots! Wonderful.
    Rosie Scribble recently posted..Setting up your own business – crazy or common sense?My Profile

  13. sarahmumof3 says:

    nature always manages to amaze me with its detail, lovely photos :) x
    sarahmumof3 recently posted..The Gallery : Extreme Close UpMy Profile

  14. That’s a great close up. The colours are so vivid!
    Older Mum (In a Muddle) recently posted..#Once upon a time – I Was A DJ.My Profile

  15. Lou @ SunnySide says:

    Wow – great photo regardless of what you used to take it :-)

  16. mum of all trades says:

    beautiful photo, one of my favourite flowers.

  17. Jenny Paulin says:

    oooh they look like juicy grapes or blueberries at a quick glance!! great close up x
    Jenny Paulin recently posted..Saturday Caption Day 31st March, 2012My Profile

  18. Wow, now that really is awesome! x
    Multiple Mummy recently posted..The illusion of Hot IceMy Profile

  19. Mari says:

    I’m so late this week getting back to The Gallery, so sorry :( However, what a gorgeous photo! I thought that effect could only be obtained with glycerine but not sure I’m ready to head out so early in the morning to verify that fact :)
    Maybe this week will be the one where I get back to comment on the same day? don’t hold your breath xx
    Mari recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

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