1. Ltitle Rhino says

    Dear GG and Bug

    I see your Mum has turned you ferrel for the holidays again, at least it’s warmer now than when she turned you out for the Christmas holidays. I know you have a HUGE garden and a cool play shed but I’m still not sure about this arrangement. Anyhows have spoke with my Mum and she has agreed that you can come to ours when ever for a nice hot bath, a decent meal and some TLC.

    See you soon, you guys are so hard core!

    Love Little Rhino

    To GG and BB’s Mum

    Hiya Mrs GG’s Mum, I just wanted to remind you that there is a hose pipe ban so you won’t be able to soak the kids down at the mo. Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble and miss out on your ‘me time’ we know how much you need it

    Love little Mr Rhino x

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