Blog it for Babies with Rock Choir & Justin Bieber

"blogitforbabies"Yesterday Annie from Mammasaurus came to stay. When I heard the news I let out a “Yessssssss!” complete with arm-pump. Very uncool for me, but then she is a lot of fun, as her extreme ironing demonstrates. The reason for her visit was the Blog it for Babies with Rock Choir event Mummy has been stressing over meticulously planning for, erm well, a couple of weeks now. I have been involved in the proceedings, putting together a look Justin Bieber would be pleased to wear, and sampling cupcakes (more on that later).

Blog it for Babies  is a campain for Save the Children, who want to build safe birthing clinics in Bangladesh, where a newborn baby dies every 6 minutes. Annie is travelling the country this week, raising awareness and money for the campaign. You can see the vital equipment and the building bricks in a virtual online clinic, which is pretty cool! So far I have personally purchased and eaten enough cupcakes for a weighing scale!

If you were unable to attend these events please do consider donating to the campaign either through Blog it for Babies Just Giving page, or by texting XVRL71 £1 to 70070.

Rock Choir!

"Abigail from Rock Choir"The kick-off  was awesomely made by the lovely Abigail from Rock Choir, and some of her choir, who also ate cake and donated money (thank you ladies). Within the space of an hour she had complete novices and sworn non-singers clicking and clapping in 3-part harmony to Aint No Mountain High Enough! Mummy continued to receive Facebook messages into the night like this one:

An embarrassing incredible video:

I understand there have since been some sign-ups from the Blog it for Babies crew to get clicky with the Rock Choir singers. I am green with envy about this; I know the words and moves to pretty much their whole repertoire, but I’m not allowed in until I’m 10! Which just leaves Justin Bieber for me. (Alright, I said I’d come to that later, and I will! *Tuts*).

Blog it for Babies Cakes

"Blog it for Babies Cakes"I have personally visited and baked with blogger Cheetas in my Shoes and I find it difficult to comprehend how Jenny managed to produce so many delicious #bakeitforbabies cupcakes from such a small kitchen, but then she is a consulate 😉 cake-baker who is never phased by the ingredient chaos that sees Mummy locking up the sprinkles. She didn’t let us down on taste either, creating a peanut-butter and toffee confection so delicious that Facebook was a-twitter over them at breakfast the next day! (Peanut is the main ingredient in a special food that is fed to malnourished babies if Save the Children reach them in time).

Our sponsors

Lovely people who donated time, prizes or money to the cause:

  • Top of the list of lovely #BlogitforBabies sponsors was Cuthberts Toys, who not only donated fabulous prizes (which I didn’t win, so I’ll be heading over there with my pocket money at the weekend!), but also picked up on the tweet-out by the hungry bloggers looking for some lunch, and offered to pay for pizza delivery!
  • I personally have to thank the Thistle Noke hotel for donating their marquee as a venue; could you imagine the trauma of returning from school to my home full of ladies singing “Ain’t no mountain high enough…” and all on a cupcake sugar high *insert eyeroll.*
  • Jeanette from Cocoon Photography took and provided most of the brilliant photos you see here. Usually a boudoir photographer, she turned her hand admirably to ensuring that Annie was a dead ringer for Justin Bieber (yes, yes, I’m coming to that bit)!
  • Kall Kwik gave Mummy the leaflets she thrust into parents faces on my school playground (cue more eyerolling from me).
  • If you, like me, require a bag for every occasion then Dagenais Designs is where to go for gorgeous bags, pencil cases, make-up pouches….. I could go on…..
  • Books. Well you know me and books, and having heard about the Rock Choir gusto of Lisa from The Book Mums I am so sneaking over to her site when Mummy occasionally wanders away from her laptop!
  • One thing I am super-pleased Mummy bought was the divine Maple Caramel sauce from My Secret Kitchen. I have put in an order with Mummy for breakfast waffles on Saturday so I can eat a properly good amount of it!
  • DJ’s Jungle soft play centre brought balloons! Of the helium-filled variety! What more does an event need??
  • Rocking Pony Giftware
  • Wendy Warren Jewellery
  • Mummy was too much of a stress-bucket on the day to take full advantage of Pure Light Holistics offer of a hand massage with Neal’s Yard products (she needs one today though). Turns out that Jane not only donated the Malteser cake (which is full of wheat-free and dairy-free yumminess), but was a dab hand at Justin Bieber dance routines……

….which brings me on to Curly Headed Boy. Blogger Lisa from The Mummy Whisperer was doling out great blogging tips, but if that wasn’t enough she then she donated her son too. I really truly thought I was the best dancer I knew, but Curly Headed Boy not only has the moves, he also knows how to teach them. Just take a look at this:


Now, What is it with all the Justin Bieber stuff?” I hear you ask. Well, rumour has it that @JustinBieber, if he spots a good cause like #BlogitforBabies, is rather prone to a quick Twitter Retweet. Think about it – one teeny tiny retweet, and the Blog it for Babies campaign goes viral.

Now that has to be worth a few requests, doesn’t it?

"Justin Bieber"

So far the Blog it for Babies campaign has raised £1053.88, with £440.88 coming from the St Albans event. Well done everyone who joined in.

We were also proud to have the generous support of  these super St Albans Bloggers:

Being a Mummy
Fabulicious Food
The vegetarian Experience
Just Bring the Chocolate

If we have missed anyone that’s just because Mummy is an airhead thesedays works so hard and “can’t be expected to remember everything, especially with me and the Bug and Daddy and all the things we need…….”

Please feel free to link up any Blog it for Babies posts you have written :)

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      Oh! I wish I’d known that before! Would have loved to meet you. She is in Manchester as we speak, check out the Blog it for Babies website but I think she’s back home by the weekend. Where are you?

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