Systematic Weight Loss 1: Weightwatchers, Mutu, and Thinking Slimmer


Starting weight:

10st 11.5lb

Goal: 10 st

Alright, so you’ll have noticed that Mummy hasn’t come clean about her weight in the last few weeks. That’s because she fell off the wagon, with her new slow cooker recipes. But now that she is a finalist in not one, but two brilliant blogging awards, she claims she can no longer put her feet up with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of red. It is time to get #systematic about her weight loss.

In a head to head battle with that very helpful blogger Mammasaurus, Mummy is going all out to prove that the systematic approach to weight loss is the best, and she aims to be the winner of their contest. Not the contest that sees them as finalists in the same category of the BiB awards, but that which determines who has lost the most weight by the night of the awards ceremony.

Here are the systems that Mummy is using:

1. Weightwatchers: Mummy is subscribed to Weightwatchers Online, and has an app on her phone where she can input the points value of everything she eats. Recently, she has struggled to stick to her 26 point target, and dinner parties have been somewhat to blame (apparently wine is about 4 points a glass, which is fine, but then she adds the food and the back of the proverbial camel is well and truly broken)!  Mummy will posting her daily overspills on Facebook – feel free to bully her over there.

Weightwatchers have just launched a new Supper Club app, aimed at inspiring the likes of my Mum to cook healthier dishes when entertaining. Mummy has just been browsing the recipes to find something no guest in their right mind would want to eat (you know, for a laugh) but has drawn a blank – they all look pretty yummy!

2. Mutu System: There are posts by Mummy about her journey along the Mutu System path to tight abs. Actually, I wouldn’t really call them posts, more like the painful diary exerpts of a military boot camp newbie. But you’ve gotta hand it to that Wendy lady at Mutu – she looks like she’s never had kids. Whereas I can poke Mummy surreptitiously during a bedtime story and lose a finger – it’s quite fascinating. She gave up around week 4, but those chirpy emails keep hitting the in-box for 12 weeks, so she’ll be back to falling downstairs whilst waiting for her quads to go back to normal this week.

3. The SlimPod: Trevor….. where do I begin. Mummy goes to bed with Trevor every night. Daddy snores in blissful ignorance by her side, while Mummy smiles and nods at Trevor’s soothing words of encouragement, and knows with absolute certainty that she will Drop a Jeans size by the morning. Of course, she is asleep before the iPod switches off and Trevor’s calm but authoritative voice ceases to flow from her ear-buds, but apparently that is of no matter. Weight loss while you sleep? One can only hope ;)

So cheer us on people! #Systematic or #Flabatronic - you decide, and time will tell…..

Actually Mummy is thrilled to be a finalist in the National MAD Blog awards this year. If you would like to vote for us in the Schooldays Category you can do so by clicking on the badge below.

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Mummy was supplied with the Mutu System emails free of charge for the purposes of review. She pays for the Slimpod and Weightwatchers programme herself. No payment was received for these posts, and all statements are her own opinion. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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  1. says

    I can’t think about diets anymore. I am constantly on one. I never lose any weight. They are making me miserable!
    I know I need to up the exercise from nil to something quicker than a stroll, but I can’t really be arsed. I might try this slimpod malarkey thingy… maybe next week…!
    Good luck – you are doing brilliantly and I am cheering you both on xx
    Grenglish recently posted…Dulwich Festival FairMy Profile

  2. says

    I love the Slimpod :) I switch it on, climb into bed and am asleep within seconds, it has to be the least stressful way of losing weight and gaining sleep that I have ever come across. Only problem is that while I did lose a load of weight earlier in the year, I think it may have gone back on again *avoids scales*
    Blue Sky recently posted…Smiley goes to CasualtyMy Profile

  3. says

    I’ve already wished Annie luck so I thought I should do the same with you…good luck & may the slimmest woman win. I’ve re-started my Jenny Craig diet so I’m with you all the way & will be snatching that gin tin out of your hand if I see one on twitter!
    HELEN recently posted…16th May 2012 – 137/366My Profile


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