WeightWatchers Meal planning Monday

It’s been a good few weeks here, with Mummy well and truly back on the Weightwatchers plan. She’s lost 9 pounds in the last 4 weeks, having had to resort to hiring a dress for the MAD’s when she realised there was no way of getting into her old fave…

So our meal plan for this week really nails the ProPoints,

Monday: Mummy is loving the new WeightWatchers Oat and Wheat Crackers (4 in a pack for 2 ProPoints. Topped with some low-fat cottage cheese and tomatoes, this makes a great light lunch.

"WeightWatchers crackers"

It will be a simple question of reheating a Butternut Squash and Gruyere Gratin for dinner.

Tuesday: Our vegetable box challenges us with fresh organic produce that we wouldn’t necessarily buy given a choice. That’s one of the reasons Mummy likes it, to make her try different things, and broaden her cooking repertoire. However, in particular seasons we tend  to get things week-in week-out. So it is with chard. Last week we had an awesome chard and ricotta pizza; then more chard arrived… So this week we are trying out a classic Spanakopita: a greek filo pastry ‘pie’ usually made with spinach and feta cheese, we are going to substitute the spinach with chard. We’ll let you know how it goes…

"spaghetti squash"Wednesday: Similarly, we get a LOT of winter squash. Great roasted as an alternative to potatoes; puréed and added to a risotto; made into a gratin; but we will be creating a simple squash risotto, with tomatoes and Weightwatchers curry paste. Our squash this week is Spaghetti squash, which might provide a challenge!

Thursday: We are trying to cut down on spending so at least one night per week involves a jacket potato and a tin of beans!

Friday: This is traditionally the night when M&D sit down with a film and a glass of wine, so something yummy is in order. This week sees the return of the very yummy, and properly Autumnal Smoky Beef Casserole – 5 ProPoints, takes 10 minutes and bubbles away in the slow-cooker wafting deliciousness around the house. I’m hoping me and the Bug may get a plate before we’re packed off to bed!

"Slow Cooker Beef Casserole 7 WeightWatchers ProPoints"

There will be snacks along the way. We have discovered WeightWatchers Jaffa Mini-Rolls; basically a chocolate-covered mini-roll with the flavour of Jaffa Cakes that we love. Mummy cannot eat one of these 2 ProPoint snacks without us demanding one for ourselves. Funnily enough we don’t usually like the normal mini-rolls (too sickly) but these are perfect for an after school snack ;)

Wish Mummy luck, she’s aiming for another 2 pounds this week!

"meal planning"

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10 Responses to WeightWatchers Meal planning Monday

  1. The Foodie Blog says:

    I have a lush recipe for low fat squash and lentil curry that I’ll have to write up for you ;)

    See you weren’t expecting such a sensible comment from me now were you …

    Saurus x

  2. Good luck with the weight loss – it’s so easy to put it on but a devil to shift! I’m in the same boat.
    The stew looks good! x
    Emma The Mini Mes and Me recently posted..Meal Planning MondayMy Profile

  3. Lauren - Big Eejit says:

    Well done on your weightloss! I love the sound of that smokey beef stew. Always good when you can just bung it in the slow cooker :)

  4. Veronica Cloudbusta says:

    Smoky beef stew looks great. Lots of luck with your weight loss! :)

  5. clare says:

    you made my mouth water with those recipes. Have you written about weightwatchers elsewhere? Still looking for motovation to lose those post-children pounds and maybe this is the answer! clare

    • Mummy... says:

      I have Clare. Check out the Recipes tab at the top of the page and you’ll see a drop-down section for WeightWatchers recipes. Some of our favourites in there. I can thoroughly recommend WeightWatchers, but like every diet, you have to really want to do it, and that’s the tough bit! Good luck – hope you find something you like :)
      Mummy… recently posted..ONE Mums: What being a Mum means to me…My Profile

  6. Smokey beef stew sounds lush!

    Good luck with WW! x
    Steph (@imcountingufoz) recently posted..Buying Flowers as Anniversary GiftsMy Profile

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