Wot So Funee? How my children see me…

Wot So Funee? Oh memes, and tags, and spread the word posts. Don’t you just hate them? How at first glance you think, “yeah, so not doing that one.” But you linger just a little bit longer, long enough to smile at the blogger offering herself up to your derision, long enough to think, “actually, that’s funny; that would only take me a couple of minutes, surely?” And BAM! Just like that, you’re hooked, linking yourself up, tagging another blogger, offering yourself up for their derision…

This happened to Mummy yesterday; she tried to resist the offer from Kate to show the world how her children see her, exited Twitter and got on with making the tea. But it kept nagging away at her, and suddenly she caved:

“Bug? Will you draw a picture of Mummy…?”

"how my children see me"It’s not bad, colourful dress, very long arms, handbag, stick legs, and hair like Rapunzel in a tumble-dryer. I couldn’t resist giving it a few captions though. And with a “big smile” guess what Mummy did next? She tagged WallyMummy, of course ;)

The original How my Children see me meme was started by Sticky Fingers. Mummy’s planning her revenge…

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16 Responses to Wot So Funee? How my children see me…

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Ha ha ha – Bad hair day?? Clearly she has you sussed.

    Most delighted that I got under your skin until you caved :)
    Kate Takes 5 recently posted..How my children see me.My Profile

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  3. WallyMummy says:

    Lol! I am do rubbish at responding to those tagging/meme thingys! Ok I will do it but I am resisting addiction (but like the day I said I’d never use twitter…)

    I think u look beautiful in your picture. I would quite like to know what the ‘patch’ is though… a toss up between piratism and alopecia… ;)
    WallyMummy recently posted..Nappy SlappingMy Profile

  4. SLP says:

    I have posted a link to my blog this week – it includes a picture – drawn by me – of my suffering in a ballet class. The picture shows how I felt – perhaps the children saw me as ‘The Dancing Queen?’ – here’s hoping!
    SLP recently posted..The Ballet ClassMy Profile

  5. Ha ha, I love the joint effort!
    Emma @mummymummymum recently posted..Crossing the line…My Profile

  6. Ha ha ha – Bad hair day!

  7. Lisa Nolan says:

    I am strangely curious, now! I JUST read about Sticky Fingers’ “How my Children see me meme” and I kind of ignored it. Now I see it again! On your blog! It’s a sign! Or an omen…

  8. I think it’s lovely that they see you with a big smile – a picture paints a thousand words and all that X
    Anya from Older Single Mum recently posted..Friends.My Profile

  9. Susan Mann says:

    aww they gave you a big smile, just like you have. I think that’s lovely x
    Susan Mann recently posted..The Gallery 120 – BooksMy Profile

  10. Great picture , love that they see you with a big smile and having a bad hair day :-)
    Mumofthreeboys recently posted..The funny things they say and do!My Profile

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