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"chocolate advent calendars"Last week I gave away my LEGO Friends calendar, but now it is time for the adults. Mummy says you can win a Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar, just by entering this competition on my blog. Why she would want to give it away beggars belief, quite frankly. Hotel Chocolat is her favourite kind of confection. Mine too, if I’m honest – I’m rather keen on their white chocolate truffles…

"chocolate santa and reindeer"

Another perplexing question is this: why does she insist that this calendar is for adults? I can’t think of anything I’d rather eat on a December morning with my toast than this all too adorable chocolate Santa, can you?? ;)

To have a chance of winning this fabulous prize for yourself (or your relevant adult!) simply leave me a comment, using the Rafflecopter form below, and let me know what your favourite Hotel Chocolat creation is…

Good luck!

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Disclosure: Hotel Chocolat sent us this milk chocolate advent calendar for the purposes of review. Opinions an editorial content are our own, and I really do like their chocolate truffles – you know, just in case you were passing…

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  1. Katherine De Riera says

    I love the Hotel chocolate You Crack Me Up Easter egg because its so delicious and such fun!
    Thankyou for the lovely giveaway!

  2. Jenni says

    Ooh I would love to win this! My favourite hotel chocolate product has to be their extra thick easter eggs. I got a very special one for my birthday this year. oooh it was so good!

  3. Hannah Wright says

    Ummmm yum – my mum would also love this but she is quite boring and opens the right door on the right day – imagine her happy surprise when there is no chocolate but a nice picture drawn by me instead!

  4. says

    I love their white chocolate truffles too, I recently stopped at a friend’s house and took a box as a gift, hoping that they would be opened, but no, she put them away!

  5. Wendy Tolhurst says

    What a great concept – a top of the range MILK chocolate calendar for adults – looks great and I’m sure it will taste scrummy!

  6. John Derek Thompson says

    How delicious they look, very tempting, I think my good lady would struggle to not open all the doors at once, lol.

  7. grainne marnell-fox says

    I love all of it so couldn’t choose only one but maybe the slabs are my favourite but can’t decide which one!

  8. Victoria says

    Would love this advent calendar… Always buy the kids calendars but never treat myself!
    My fave hotel chocolat item so far has been the Easter Ostrich egg… I got one in 2010 and it took a year to finish!

  9. Gill B says

    Am confused, (doesn’t take much!). there appear to be two different questions, one in the text about my favourite Hotel Chocolate create : Piglets in Blankets. The question on the Rafflecopter is what do I love about Lego Friends: It’s pink & girly!! Hopefully I have covered both options!!!

  10. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I love Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate tasting boxes. Its really nice to try so many different kinds and discuss and rate them. My favourites will always be coffee or irish cream flavours but mostly they’re all incredible!

  11. John Lynch says

    rafflecopter says best about lego friends,
    well I like building stuff. been to many a houseparty where peole in thier 20-30s pull out a box of lego

  12. says

    I love their Cherry Bakewell Truffles… had some today and they’re yummy!

    I already have the kids’ advent calendars so it would be nice for me to have one to ;)

    Awesome giveaway!

  13. says

    rafflecopter is being a bit silly asking me about Lego – I like lego but I like hotel chocolat even more. I love their Chilli Penguins or their sea salt caramels mmmm making me drool

    • says

      Thanks Laura for the heads up. I left last weeks competition question in by mistake! Everyone can rest assured that their entry still counts even if they have told me what they like about LEGO Friends! Especially love StephsTwoGirls comment about crunchy Lego!

  14. Emma Craven says

    Any Hotel Chocolat creation is totally gorgeous, and I do love the humour they pack in – particularly the Halloween range. The simple chocolate skull lollipop (skullipop?) is great, and such detail!

  15. says

    I’ve had some Hotel Chocolat goodies before and they were goregous, it was a Christmas wreath, lovely thick choc. Rafflecopter is asking me about Lego which is great also but chocolate wins :) @happyhomebird

  16. says

    I love the colours of Lego Friends and how it appeals to girls. Most lego is usually building and star wars which my daughter doesn’t like.

    As for Hotel Chocolate, love the caramel ones and those slabs! Delicious.

    Deb (@MumForAutism)

  17. Louise says

    My favourite Hotel Chocolat product is The Christmas Hamper, plenty to go around so not fighting over the chocolate…lol (and some goodies for the adults).

  18. Rachael G says

    Okay… I like Lego friends, because I think they look fab for little girls. However if the question should actually be about Hotel Chocolat then I love the look of the alternative mince pies.

  19. Katie Simmonds says

    I love the look of everything, but if I choose one it would be the Cookie Creme Slab. I haven’t been lucky enough to taste any of it yet though!!!

  20. katrina adams says

    Our friends have signed up to the Hotel Chocolate taster club and they gave us one of the boxes as a thank you for looking after their dog for two weeks and we fell in love with the hot chocolate hot chocolate, it is smooth, creamy and tastes absolutely devine! I would love to win the advent calander to give to my hubby as he’s been very very good this year x

  21. Amanda Carter says

    Have to say everything looks yummy. I would love Dasher the Reindeer. It would be a great addition to my daughters christmas stocking.

  22. Tom Rokins says

    I’ve only had a couple of things from Hotel Chocolat, but it has to be the strawberyy chocolate hearts. They’re so sickly but SO GOOD!

  23. Ryan says

    I’m liking thee Mississippi Mud Pie
    I’m not going to lie,
    Mouth watering Mississippi Mud Pie
    Its time to say goodbye
    Whether it be tomorrow or the next
    We will meet again and I’ll wash you down with a ice cold Becks.

  24. Hannah Beadle says

    OOhh a Hotel Chocolat Advent calendar what a treat :) I really like the look of the The Purist Festive Wreath very me nom nom nom @hannahbeadle

  25. Melanie C says

    I love the Magical Milk Chocolate Christmas – Keepsake Tin xx

    I had my first ever Hotel Chocolats at Easter … Tiddly Chicks and they were amazing! x

  26. Ian Dowson says

    If I mail you my hand, will you douse it in chocolate and send it back for me to eat… hand is made of marshmallow!

  27. Pauline Wilson says

    I have never tried any of their products but have always wanted to so here’s hoping… They look absolutely fantastic

  28. Annette Hanley says

    It all looks lovely having never had a chance to try any of Hotel chocolates goodies i am spoilt for choice.

  29. Michelle Kinsey says

    We love Hotel Chocolat ‘Happy Eggs’ . They were great fun and we had such fun with the little ‘Tiddly pots’ of chicks and bunnies that came with the egg :)

  30. Gemma Clark says

    mmm Champagne Truffles :) they all look so good tho, so hard to choose being a chocoholic ;) lol. thanks for the giveaway x

  31. Leigh Fenn says

    i have the chilli liquid hot chocolate on my wishlsit, have tried the gingerbread one, and love it, so this is next on my list to try

  32. Maria Messruther says

    I love The Christmas Bliss Gift Basket from the website looks lovely wouldnt mind santa bringing me one of these.

  33. George Worboys Wright says

    Hotel Chocolat’s Cherry Deluxe are my favourites. I really want to try their Tipsy Christmas Puddings though!

  34. Sarah Williams says

    I have never tried any of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, but have always given them as a christmas present and have been told that they are absolutely divine !!! I would love to try the alternative mince pies as they look so cute and original and yummy !!!!

    My little ones would love sharing the calendar with me (if I share!!!) so please enter me into the prize giveaway.

  35. sue willshee says

    I’d love to try the advent calendar – although I’m not sure I’d be able to restrict myself to one small item of choccie a day

  36. Michelle Hughes says

    I’ve never tasted any of their chocolates to be honest but seeing their page I may now have to no longer be a hotel chocolate virgin. My son would love this advent calendar as its defo something different x

  37. Lucy says

    I’d love to try the advent calendar! I don’t think I’ve ever tried any Hotel Chocolat chocolate before!


  38. Annemieke Troost says

    They had the best Easter eggs ever!!! so i bet this advent calender is going to be out of this world !! I love Hotel Chocolat.

  39. victoria wilkes says

    i would love to try abit of everything in the shop :) couldnt just try one thing lol. I would be like augustis gloop on charlie and the chocolate factory and work my way round :D

  40. Lindy Hine says

    In my wildest dreams I’d say the Signature Cabinet, but at £160 I’ll be unlikely to ever get it! Failing that – anything really – I just love their chocolate, from the smallest chocolate drop to the biggest box!

  41. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    OoOoOoO the Festive Feast looks delumptious!!! I would love a little it of everything to share with my kiddies! If I won this epic prize I would give it to my second eldest son, who last week made me proud by donating all his pocket money to the Poppy appeal at school instead of saving it for a toy. It was a really proud mummy moment! :’-)
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  42. nicola baker says

    I would love to try the ultimate christmas hamper, this would be perfect for after dinner when everything is washed up where me and my family can sit round the fire relax and enjoy the famous chocolate of hotel chocolate xxxx

  43. Anne Holdorph says

    I have to choose 1?! That’s tough, I guess I would go for a hamper because it has a wide selection. Or if it was just the one thing, probably the truffles.

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