Win £150 to spend on awesome canvas prints or wall murals from Photowall

"canvas prints and wall murals"

I have a quite literally amazing giveaway for you this week. I am very excited to have teamed up with Photowall, who have the best choice of canvas prints and wall murals I have ever seen, to help us with the Bug’s bedroom makeover (more on that soon). In a fit of generosity, Photowall have given me £150 of vouchers to offer in a giveaway to you, the readers of Actually Mummy.

I cannot wait to show you the wall mural we chose, but for now I’m going to limit myself to giving you a peek into some of the designs Photowall have available on their site:

For children:"canvases and wall murals for kids"

For big kids: just imagine having this all over your wall!

"world map canvas"

Mummy has her eye on this one:

Your range of options on the website is really flexible, from wall mural, to framed canvas of varying size, to unframed, this is pretty much a personalised image design service. You can even upload your own image to the site, and with live online chat with customer services all your questions are answered before you place your order. So you know exactly what you’re getting.

So, all I want to know, is what you would use your voucher for. Would you buy 2 or 3 canvases for a room image change, or put it towards a full wall mural? Choose one of Photowall’s designs, or get that special photo made into a piece of personalised artwork? Go and check out the website – with 2438 designs you could be there a while!

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. There is one prize of £150 vouchers for one winner. UK entrants only.

And if you just can’t wait, or don’t get lucky, Photowall are offering a 10% discount to Actually Mummy readers until 23.12.12. Just place your order and enter amummy1212 at the checkout. You can also find Photowall on Facebook.

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  1. Gary Topley says

    I would make a wall mural with pictures of my daughter from when she was born up until present time now she is 4.

  2. Angela Wilson says

    I’d get an amazing family picture from my Grandma’s 91st for her to see all her 5 generations following her

  3. Sarah says

    I don’t know!! Too much choice. But my girls are sharing a bedroom since a few weeks ago and I’d like to get them something nice :)

  4. Alice Matthews says

    I would like one done of the beautiful Ochil Hills. I love their changing colours and would like to capture the hills when the colours are purples.

  5. Jay Scales says

    I’d go for a few different canvas prints. I have so many walls that need livening up, I couldn’t pick just one!

  6. Jo Richards says

    I have a beautiful photo of my daughter when she was age 3, sat on a rock, on the beach, having an icecream with the tide out in the background along the visiable coast.

  7. Ashleigh says

    Love the map, think I would probably use it for one of my own pictures on canvas (one of our wedding probably as got loads of the kids!)

  8. Rebecca Allen says

    We got married on 10 November and it would be amazing to use a photo from our fantastic wedding day to create some artwork

  9. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Would use it towards Gray Horse Watercolour Painted, White Horse and Sweet horse and another horse pic. They are gorgeous :) 😀 xx

  10. John Derek Thompson says

    I’ve loads of ideas, but at this moment in time not yet made up my mind what image I’d like to have. If I am fortunate and lucky, probually a recent family image.

  11. Stacey says

    I’d probably buy two or three canvas prints to give our living room a bit of a face-lift. Right now it’s bare, crayon scribbled magnolia (and really driving me crazy). I figure the canvas prints, would take the focus away from the scribbles!!
    Stacey recently posted…#SocialPix – Guild Wars 2My Profile

  12. Laura Harris says

    I would have something simple but striking in my hallway and living room – something like concrete wall or summer birch wood.

  13. Jenna Parrington says

    My kitchen looks a little bare so I would love a nice striking piece to put in there! Perhaps something to do with coffee or cake, cause I am a coffee and cake addict! Haha

    Fantastic competition

  14. Tracey Belcher says

    We are redecorating the living room – I really want a fab piece for one of the walls – Not sure what yet though but my wouldn’t it be great to pick!

  15. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    I love the sun through the trees canvas, but also love the Brooklyn Bridge one!! Too many to choose from! My youngest two have just discovered the magic of Toy Story, and seeing that they have a Toy Story mural don’t think it would take my two girls too long to choose! I know that my eldest would have anything to do with sports, while my middle lad would most definately have the New York City one! So many fabulous designs, I would be in heaven choosing! :-) x

  16. Kate Rampersad says

    I would buy the children canvas as I am decorating my children’s room – it has to be boys and girls theme so I would go for the two teddies. They would love it!!! So cute.

  17. Dominique says

    I’d definitely buy 4 or so prints to put up in the living room, it’s far too bland in there!
    I’m leaning towards the disney characters :)

  18. Naomi K says

    I would love the August Moon image as a wall mural. The room layout wouldn’t work for it though. So I’d probably choose canvas prints :)

  19. nicola barter says

    some beautiful pictures for my home as i currently have none on the walls and they are looking a little bare!

  20. says

    i would have some lovely canvases of my 2 children , a nice xmas time one and a photoshoot picture they had done would be nice on canvass :) or the world map one is fab my daughter would love that in her room

  21. Kat (Kat Sighs) says

    Oh My! It’s so hard to choose!! We are decorating our boys room at the moment. We have murals in the other two bedrooms so I thought another one initially. They have such different tastes that maybe two canvases would be better. Chaos is a petrol head loving all things vehicle and Squish is gentle and loves water. Will make for an interesting room huh?!

    Such a great giveaway!!

  22. says

    this is my favourite – the view of earth from the moon called ‘new perspective’ – looks amazing and let’s face it, I’m never going to see that view for real so may as well enjoy it in my room. x

  23. Denise Whiskin says

    It would be nice to have a large picture or me and my other half together in our home office. Not only to break up the boring wall but to inspire us while we are working.

  24. Beverley Anne Keenan says

    I would put it towards having 6 made with my brothers photo on, so I could give one to each of his children for their homes, one to mum and one to my sister and one for my home too, Although we lost him he is never far from our thoughts x

  25. Marty G says

    This is fantastic, I’ve only recently started to “get into art” and this would let my creative juices flow (well, in terms of choosing someone else’s great work anyway :P)

  26. Ross Fraser says

    I would love to win this to get some of my favourite images of our daughter on the wall… we have a small canvas so far but it was done via a daily deal and it’s exactly high quality, I can’t afford to replace it (so far anyway) but if we won the vouchers it’d be the first thing we did.

  27. helen rosbotham says

    I am about to decoration my 2 teenage daughters bedroom and I would spend it on some brit pop for their wall

  28. Eleanor Powell says

    I love so many of these it’s hard to choose – I love the b/w ladybug, my daughter would adore the great horned owl, I would love the Sunny Sky and the Rural Forset for my office as I have no windows..I could go on and on…

  29. jessica cook says

    were an army family, my husband is a soldier and were moving in two weeks into our new married quarter, i would love to win this to help decorate our new home :) x

  30. Kirsty Fox says

    I would get Toy Story The Gang for my youngest son, Disney Classics – Pinocchio for my eldest and spend the rest on myself!

  31. Julie Brooke says

    My daughter is studying photography at college and has some fantastic photos that she has done as part of her coursework. I would use the vouchers to have personalised canvases done of some of her work

  32. Alexander Jones says

    I would get a big print from one of our ow photos for our lounge, we already have one and they could match

  33. Ana Wilds says


  34. Kim Howard says

    I’d give it to my boyfriend to pick something that he likes because he’s always complaining that the bare, white walls in our house are too cold and stark. I like the minimalist look but he prefers more colour and texture so this would be a nice compromise for us! ^_^

  35. Helen says

    Wow, how many wonderful canvas pictures Photowall have on their website, amazing, I’d love to spend the £150 on artwork for my granddaughter’s bedroom; she adores animals and I’m sure she’d love the “It’s a Jungle Out There” – I’d have to get her to look and choose though, especially as she will be looking at it more than me.

  36. Maria Jane Knight says

    I would choose the Ocean Of Colour canvas for my little boy in the size 120 x 80cm our son is a huge finding nemo fan and would adore this in his room.

  37. Ruth Grover says

    I have two Grandsons, Jaret is 8 and Kris is 4. Jaret lives near me and Kris lives in Arrochar, Scotland, so it isn’t often I have them together.
    I would get their best pictures, put them on canvasess and would hang them on the wall next to each other…I can see them near together every that selfish???

  38. Joy Dehany says

    I’ve been looking into having one of these, so I would have a japanese wall in my daughters bedroom, depicting stars, cherry blossom trees and a black cat sitting in the tree.

  39. Caroline Hemple says

    I think I’d spend it on canvases of our favourite camping spot so we could look at them in the depths of winter and look forward to the Spring.

  40. sam bailey says

    Have to admit, and don’t mean it to sound morbid, but i would have a lovely picture done of my parents whom sadly are no longer here x

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