Eight maids-a-milking: giveaway

Cow Cup

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Well, it may not have been 8 maids-a-milking, but it can be 8 Cow Cups for 8 lucky maids-a-winning! See what I did there? No? Ok, well, the truth is, as a baby I was pretty much keen to get on with it – no chilling out while Mummy did all the feeding for me. Oh-ho-ho-nooooo! I was totally hands on and keen to take over. We, like a lot of new parent:demanding-toddler combos, tried most cups on the market, but we finally settled on the Cow Cup as our fave. And lucky for Mummy that we did: no matter what I did with this baby, the juice stayed in the cup. The milk refused to exit the spout – unless I was actually drinking!

From the inventors of the udderly brilliant Anywayup Cup comes the Cow Cup. Featuring a unique no-spill valve, and a cool design, we have 8 Cow Cups to give away. Enter by leaving a comment via the Rafflecopter form below. Extra entries can be earned by subscribing to the Anywayup Cup Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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95 Responses to Eight maids-a-milking: giveaway

  1. Katarina Lloyd says:

    A cup that doesn’t always end up on the floor!

  2. Tracy Grant says:

    A cup that never empties, some days my little ones are so thirsty

  3. Anne says:

    socks and booties that stay on!

  4. EMMA WALTERS says:

    a robot that tidys all the toys up after them

  5. a button that mutes them ;)
    Danielle Parker recently posted..Nintendo 3DS Angry Birds Triology ReviewMy Profile

  6. kayleigh louise says:

    something 2 make them sleep!!

  7. Aimee Swift says:

    a self rocking pram to get little ones to nap

  8. P Wendy Clayton says:

    A napy that doesn’t need changing more than once a day

  9. stephanie tsang says:

    I’d like to invent something that would keep a baby sleeping all through the night.

  10. Megan Carr says:

    I would invent a force field that goes around Christmas trees so that they can’t pinch the baubles and use them as tiny footballs!

  11. These are great. My 3 yo still has his at night for his water and I haven’t had to get up for yonks. In truth, they changed my life!
    Anya from Older Single Mum recently posted..‘Unsung Heroes’ – Single Mums’ Story 12.My Profile

  12. anna says:

    i would like something that tells u exactly what they r thinking, before they can talk and tell u!

  13. Jo says:

    My son Thomas would love one of these!! :-)

  14. Jo says:

    Something to stop them dropping the cup on the floor once they have finished it
    Jo recently posted..Project 366 – 335 to 338/366My Profile

  15. Romanian mum says:

    A flexible cup
    Romanian mum recently posted..Birth story from Scatty MummyMy Profile

  16. Laura Costello says:

    Some kind of bubble wrap costume so they don’t get hurt! xx

  17. Sam says:

    A button you could press that tells you what exactly is wrong when they’re whinging.

  18. Lauren says:

    A toy that entertains every child without making any noise!! *headache*

  19. iain maciver says:

    a robot

  20. Nessie says:

    This would be great for my little one!

  21. jessica cook says:

    a cure for teething!

  22. Catherine McAlinden says:

    A velcro sleepsuit so they stay in their bed!

  23. Eileen Teo says:

    i will invert robot to teach them writing.

  24. grainne marnell-fox says:

    a temperture adjusting bottle so it’s always just the right temp

  25. sharon griffin says:

    a temper tantrum freeze button ;}

  26. Jane Morfett says:

    Clothes that don’t get dirty!

  27. A syrup that you take just once to prevent all allergies :)
    Sejal Trivedy recently posted..3rd place in Cutest Odd Eyed pet ContestMy Profile

  28. Kirsten Barthy says:

    A self changing nappy

  29. kerry Locke says:

    Volume Control !!!

  30. Lorraine says:

    A cry translator so I know exactly why they are crying and how to calm them.

  31. Louise says:

    something that ensured they napped for the right amount of time
    Louise recently posted..Campbell’s Soup Challenge – Chicken, sweetcorn and mushroom hot potMy Profile

  32. Sheila Bound says:

    Eye keeper opener to help to keep going after sleepless nights.

  33. emma says:

    a cure for teething problems

  34. Paul Heaney says:

    cool design

  35. Solange says:

    Instant sleep remote


    a snow machine…..even for summer

  37. esther james says:

    a wriggle preventer!
    esther james recently posted..Review: Remote Control CandlesMy Profile

  38. Ang Broadbridge says:

    Right now a blooming safety gate that the dog can’t get around!

  39. Ang Broadbridge says:

    Right now a blooming safety gate that the dog can’t get around! Cheeky mutt!

  40. Sarah winder says:

    An automatic nappy changer haha
    Sarah winder recently posted..Our Weaning Journey – Finger FoodsMy Profile

  41. Something that works like an alarm clock. You set the time that you want them to wake up at and they sleep until then!
    Red Rose Mummy recently posted..Make a Simple Promise to help Save the Children with DettolMy Profile

  42. helmut grein says:

    something to avoid those head bumps

  43. Apart from a volume button, it would have to be something to reduce dribble! Beastie dribbles so much, it drives me bonkers, lol! x
    Liz Tumbridge recently posted..Pimp a Post Sunday – PAPSMy Profile

  44. nicola barter says:

    something to keep my baby entertained for more than a minute so can get on with my jobs!

  45. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    A self-changing nappy would be good. :) :D x

  46. Kerry Brown says:

    mute button for my toddler…. -_-

  47. Sue McCarthy says:

    A device that translates their cries so you know when they are poorly / hungry / demanding attention etc.

  48. Kirsty Fox says:

    A pause button for when I need to take a breather!!

  49. abigail edkins says:

    a rocker that rocks at the sound of babe crying

  50. Carolin says:

    A clever little invention that makes sure that their cover doesn’t fall off x

  51. Kara says:

    so many things, something to stop colic, something so a cup is never empty, a blanket that cant be kicked off, a sleeping device lol xx
    Kara recently posted..366 – Days 340 to 342My Profile

  52. HELEN LLOYD says:

    Something that does everything else whilst we play

  53. Colette Burgess says:

    An “off switch” for overtired babies who won’t go to sleep!

  54. Helen Gardner says:

    A machine to read their minds…I’d love to know why a toy that makes a simple squeaking noise has my little one in fits for hrs

  55. peggy rossiter says:

    a painless way of cutting teeth

  56. KIERAN WALSH says:

    cutting teeth, something to help with pain

  57. Janet Coverdale says:

    Something to stop them waking up so early when you have had a late night

  58. Emma Ellison says:

    Something that makes them aware its the weekend so they give us a lie-in!

  59. Sarah Walford says:

    A bib that works and doesn’t get stained by bananas!!!

  60. I’d invent toddler air bags which are little patches like little round plasters and when toddler is falling or approaching a wall at more speed then a toddle…. the plaster kicks in and an mini air bag is deployed thus reducing the risk of scraps and bumps on head and the fear of social services coming round :)
    rachael mounteney recently posted..BzzAgent Colgate ProClinical A1500 ReviewMy Profile

  61. Automatic handwasher to prevent sticky fingerprints on everything!

  62. leyla says:

    Id invent a self cleaning high chair, as I dont know how food manages to get in some places
    leyla recently posted..A toddler proof Christmas treeMy Profile

  63. Hannah says:

    I invent a bib that moved to catch food, or attracted it like a magnet to make cleaning up easier!

  64. shelagh milne says:

    Something that keeps them totally save and occupied while I cook the dinner

  65. Miranda Holman says:

    A robot nanny to do the night feeds :)

  66. Gul says:

    I would love to invent a robot nurse to do the night feeds!

  67. chris y says:

    A nappy changing device that would entertain, distract and KEEP MY TODDLER IN ONE PLACE until nappy change completed!

  68. sian hallewell says:

    a mute button!

  69. Janine Atkin says:

    a sick catcher! no matter how careful you are, it always ends up on the sofa/new cream rug/my sunday dinner/new dress you are about to leave the house in. a device that could predict when it will happen and where it will land!
    far fetched maybe but if it existed i bet many would buy it!

  70. kristy brown says:

    Something to keep them small until you are ready for them to be big!!

  71. Paz says:

    Mittens that stay on!

  72. Sharon Burroughs says:

    A dummy that puts itself back in they’re mouth!!

  73. Sharon V. says:

    Shoes that stay on ..so you dont get home from shopping to find they are wearing one shoe !

  74. Sarah Corbett says:

    I would invent a clothing range which isn’t all pale pink and blue! Something unique and funky is badly needed in this market place!

  75. Josie Coltman says:

    Trousers which stay up even when crawling in them!

  76. Clare Walshe says:

    A quick way to get them to sleep and stay asleep

  77. kate knight says:

    socks that stay on

  78. Mickie Bull says:

    Anti tantrum device

  79. karen dixon says:

    a silence button

  80. Nicola says:

    Self heating and self cleaning milk bottles

  81. Nicola says:

    A set of instructions…!

  82. Caroline H says:

    A hypnosis device that would distract for five minutes, guaranteed, whenever you really, really needed it!

  83. Gill B says:

    An indicator on the forehead that tells you what is the matter!

  84. jennie jackson says:

    A mute button!

  85. Helenthemadex says:

    self cleaning version!

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