When I grow up I want to be a whale trainer at Shamu Rocks

"Shamu Rocks show"

Mummy is crying again. She’s sitting at the computer, making this video of SeaWorld Orlando, in tears. It happens every time. I’m beginning to suspect that she may need professional help in the form of therapy to combat “Yellow Pages advertising syndrome.” The thing is, a visit to SeaWorld is even more emotionally engaging than the old guy who eventually finds a copy of his book on Fly Fishing. Grown-ups: complete head-cases, I know!

This is the worst day of my life!” exclaimed the Bug, as his sunscreen was applied (he’s not a lover of cream, my brother). As we sat just inside the splash-zone, the sun beat down on us while we craned our necks to catch glimpses of the killer whales waiting in the wings for their big moment. We wondered why the guy on the front row had brought a raincoat on such a beautiful day – and why he’d bothered to sit in the splash-zone if he wanted to stay dry 😕

Shamu Rocks killer whale show

"shamu rocks at SeaWorld Orlando"

And then suddenly we were lost. Wrapped in the performance of a lifetime. Totally seduced by these giant creatures and their trainers – not just animals and tutors, but performers in every sense. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to cover this show, it was breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and so clever that our laughter contained the hugest respect for the amount of work this show must take to put together every day. As we left the Shamu Rocks stadium, the Bug was heard to whisper, “this is the best day of my life…

I figure that I can go to university to study marine biology, whilst still pursuing my Stagecoach-inspired dream of being a performer! Multi-tasker, me 😉

Sadly, we had left SeaWorld till last on our epic rollercoaster tour of Orlando; we were due at the airport at 3.30pm, so we didn’t manage to ride Manta or Journey to Atlantis. We did manage to see rescued manatees, and stroke dolphins, as well as learning that SeaWorld are massively involved in marine animal rescue and rehabilitation into the wild. But there is so much more here to do. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back!

To see more about manatees in Orlando check out this post from A Bavarian Sojourn.

Disclosure: our tickets for SeaWorld were complimentary, for the purposes of review. All editorial content is our own thoughts and opinions, and this was definitely one of the best days of our holiday! If you’re planning a holiday in Orlando, Visit Orlando is a really useful planning tool to help you get the most out of your itinerary. If you’re visiting with very small children there’s a comprehensive blog post from Jennifer’s Little World about the best Orlando attractions for youngsters you can read to help plan your visit.

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