Geocaching – a treasure hunt for families with a difference

2013-09-04 Geocaching for Daddy's birthday 001

Durdle Door – a geocache location I have to confess that the word geocaching used to leave me cold. I had visions of map-reading in extreme circumstances, rain, rock scrambling, and walking – WALKING! Just Dance it is not. Nor is it hanging out with friends, watching the X-Factor, or chilling out in bed with… 

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Murder Mystery party nightmare… Wot so funee


Mummy is catching up on Strictly via Sky plus. Behind the salsa beat she is listening to the background patter of my feet, roaming around upstairs. I’ve been down for cuddles twice; each time I was met with understanding and a supportive hug. The third time I was told firmly that enough was enough, and… 

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Wot so Funee?

"Birthday Card"

I wrote a post recently about how parent’s birthdays are so much better now that we kids are involved. It must have been so boring just waking up late and going out to dinner before we came along. Anyway, I neglected to showcase the birthday greeting I wrote for Mummy, and she found it both… 

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Christmas Birthdays


Christmas birthdays are a bit odd. A straw poll unveils people who felt that as children they suffered from ‘joint’ presents, kids who had Christmas in the morning and a birthday in the afternoon, thus diluting the excitement. Mummy says it is testament to Grandma and Grandad that she never felt that way. She is… 

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Birthday Wishes!


Yesterday was Grandad’s birthday. We wished him a happy birthday and we sent him a balloon. I wish that helium balloons were strong enough to lift a bar of his favourite chocolate (Thornton’s, as I recall). I wish that on his birthday he could have seen the orange gerbera daisy we bought for him. I wish the balloon could… 

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