Half term is looming. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent the last couple of weeks booking up days to keep the kids occupied. There is nothing worse than a rainy half term day when you have no plans. Unless you’re massively into craft. Which I’m not. If you’re a fan of PVA glue and glitter, knock yourself out, but if you spend the run-up to school holidays in an ever-increasing frenzy of activity planning, STOP. What you need is Freaky Rivet.

I wrote about Freaky Rivet here, because their ideas for cheap, alternative days out were just so impressive that I had to give it a go. Freaky Rivet provide you with an itinerary of things to do in a favourite city, each based around a theme. The themes appeal to kids (think Plague, Fire, Murder and Science) and are educational too, but here’s the thing – they’re not the typical costly tourist trap attractions you’d normally be faced with spending your money (and queuing time on). Instead the suggestions aim to get kids moving and learning, whilst having fun. At the moment most of the days out centre around London, but there are more locations in the pipeline.

Planning your day is simple. You download the itinerary of your choice for just £1, and follow the suggestions for things to see, do, eat and learn. And Freaky Rivet have a massive heart too, because every download results in a donation to a local children’s charity, so that those children also get to learn and have fun in a way that they couldn’t, without the charity’s support. For London, Freaky Rivet will donate to Cause you Can, an organisation that offers children new opportunities through classes in the performing arts. So by having a cheap but massively fun day out, you’re actually helping other children too.

Now, Freaky Rivet need our help to get this brilliant initiative out there into more cities, so more families can enjoy the days out, and more disadvantaged children can benefit from the support. Please do follow this link to find out more about the days out, then sign up so you can enjoy all the benefits that Freaky Rivet have to offer – including activity inspiration for those rainy days you simply haven’t planned for! For everyone who signs up, a thunderclap will send out the message to make sure that more people get access to these fab activities and days out. Which means more parents with their sanity intact by the time the kids return to school 🙂